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I always knew it was going to be like this. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[18 Nov 2003|10:36am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

black eyes may not be playing this friday...

[30 Oct 2003|12:45pm]
[ mood | creative ]

new el jay....


friends only... comment to be added.

yea i'm re-posting this... [30 Oct 2003|11:13am]
[ mood | cranky ]

1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
2. Am I loveable?
3. How long have you known me?
4. When and how did we first meet?
5. What was your first impression?
6. Do you still think that way about me now?
7. If I was an ice cream flavor, which would I be and why?
8. Do you think I'll get married?
9. What makes me happy?
10. What makes me sad?
11. What song (if any) reminds you of me?
12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
13. Do you consider me a good friend?
14. When's the last time you saw me?
15. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
16. Would you make a move on me? i'm omiting this one...
17. Describe me in one word.
18. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger/weaker/or staying the same?
19. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
20. Do I cross your mind at least 2 times a day?

[29 Oct 2003|03:58pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

i love how i can't take a nap with my boyfriend without 50 different things happening also. my dad calls 2x asking me to wake up and check the internet for information for him. then i've got my mom yelling at me about nonsense. this house is seriously going to hell.

i'm going to get ready for work. bleh.

ok micah, stole yo quiz [29 Oct 2003|07:24am]
[ mood | depressed ]

alien was good last night. it was sad to see only rusty and jeremiah came, but i guess we're the only cool ones. david told me that movie premiered in 1979. goodness that's a long time ago. you could definitely tell with the weak use of animatronics and out-dated computer 'graphics' that the movie was definitely old. i loved how they tried to play it off though, looking so cool reading the numbered codes off the computer screens and so forth. it was good though, overall.

when i got up this morning with david, i went downstairs after he left, and talked to my dad. i told him i would have liked to have seen my grandfather before he got as sick as he is, and he told me it was my fault because i could have gone to NY with my mom this past weekend. i officially hate my father, because i lost my flying rights when i turned 18, and he would've had to pay. with my father constantly bitching about money, it made it somewhat impossible for me to aquire the funds for the trip, and i wasn't about to ask my dear old daddy for the money with him griping and whining all the time. so as soon as he said that to me, i started to cry and walked upstairs, because i wasn't in the mood to sit down with an asshole like him. he doesn't understand that he's an asshole either, oh no, he thinks he's great. he thinks he's such a better parent than his mother and father were, but too bad he can't see half the things he does, and half the confrontations he causes are so similar. UGH enough bitching.... if i'm not here this weekend, just have a good one for me. i'm hoping christopher [1st cousin] will take me out and get me drunk or something so i don't have to be so depressed while i'm there. if only i had some zanex, it'd be a much smoother trip. i'm thinking about taking my babies with me too so david won't have to care for them while i'm gone. my mom said he could stay here at the house though as long as he wanted while we were gone. ok... i'm out <33

ohCollapse )

sleepy [28 Oct 2003|10:29am]
[ mood | crazy ]

ok so today i start my workout till halloween thing. yep. i gotta get ready to go to the gym.

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everything seems to fall apart all at once.... won't you be the glue that holds me? [27 Oct 2003|11:02pm]
ok. mom is home safe. she's got a shaggy/spikey haircut too. neat-oo. then my father, got his haircut too, PLUS he shaved off his moustache. i haven't seen all of his face in years. it almost scared me. hehe. grandpa is looking at 50/50 right now. he's awake and conscious, just ill and having complications.

tried on my costume tonight, and i was totally dissapointed. fuck depo-provera in the asshole. i am totally fasting till friday. i will look hott. OH, my costume is from ever after. its a big ball gown. i could either go as cinderella or a faerie princess. i'd rather be a faerie princess, but either way i get to wear my pretty wings.

my guinea pigs are so awesome when i'm down. they always pick me up. so does playing with my hair and doing new makeup junk [such a girl].


someone cut my fucking hair, please before i butcher it myself!!!!!

anyways, david is sleepin' so well, so i guess i'll join him. <33

[26 Oct 2003|09:28pm]
[ mood | sad ]

last night was a blast. lots of drinkin', meeting new people, and lots of fun. ryan's bday was awesome. too bad i got really really trashed and fell asleep in the truck. on the way home this morning/afternoon, i told david how fucked up it would be if i came home and found out my grandfather had died. well, as soon as i walked in the door, i got a call from my mom, saying his kidneys had failed and it was only a matter of hours/days now. my dads telling me we might have to fly tues. or the next day. i really don't want to go to ny. i want to remember him how he was, but if i don't go i'd be the bad seed in the family. i'm really depressed. i don't want to sound selfish, but i really was looking forward to halloween and being a faerie princess/cinderella from ever after [the costume works either way]. i'm gonna miss david, the premiere of alien and haunted houses too. i know its selfish to think about those things right now, but its been hard enough trying to keep a cool head about all the bad news i've received lately [katie's death, my grandpa, my grandma, house troubles, no money, no hours, etc.]. this isn't the greatest time at all, and i looked forward to the good things so i could oversee the bad.

tonight was nice though. dad made dinner for me and david, we watched 28 days later, and now i'm about ready to go to bed. too many things on my mind and i don't feel like being awake to think about them.

i love you all, and if i'm not here on halloween, have a great one for me, i know i'll be thinking of you all.

[24 Oct 2003|06:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

breakfast club last night.... it was ok. i wasn't drunk so it wasn't great, but it was ok. i was still feeling sick too, and i was really cold. thx hannah for driving, even though your poor driving misfortune earlier this week. rusty sneed even left his den and came out last night. it was movie night, and there was free fuel pizza, and that made me happy. thx dad for being a dear and loaning me some cash.

then, me and david woke up about 11:30ish and walked out to the car at 12, and the car was gone. first thing i thought was to look for broken glass, and see if it was stolen, but then i remembered those nicely painted little stamped GP's in the spaces!


so we waited for david's mom, and at about 2:30ish she got us, went to the tow truck place, got david's car and got the hell back to my house. we were both wiped so we had a snack and went to bed. people are talking about going to haunted houses tonight, but NBA is on and i dunno if we'll be missin' that. my dad is also very awesome for leaving me 20 bux to do some grocery shopping [b/c mom is in NY for the weekend]. i'm gonna go wake up trouble and go get some food.


OMGEEE [23 Oct 2003|01:41pm]
[ mood | excited ]

yay. so my dad loaned me 20 bux to go out tonight. that's amazing. so me and david will be at the breakfast club afterall. yay, gettin drunk on jager... woooo.

[22 Oct 2003|06:48am]
[ mood | sore ]

yesterday was a lot of fun. i was constantly numb from the muscle relaxers i had to take for my throat. they still didn't work though, and neither did the nasty theraflu i had to drink. bleh. then me and david both had sleepy-time green tea and went to bed for a little while. woke up, watched baseball, and fell asleep watching that as well. we were in bed by 12. hopefully we can do that again tonight.

R.I.P. Elliott Smith

[21 Oct 2003|01:04pm]
[ mood | sick ]

this sucks. my throat is a punk ass bitch. its swelling up just like last year when rachel had to take care of me during thanksgiving. oh and what a holiday that was. i had to stay on pain meds all day, so i was the loopy house guest. fun times though regardless.

valerie is probably cutting my hair tomorrow, thank goodness!!! it looks fugly. david will be home from work soon to take care of me.

p.s. joey, don't forget funeral information if possible. kthx.

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[21 Oct 2003|11:56am]
[ mood | depressed ]

watching the news last night was really hard. the only thing i wanted to know about was katie. i feel so bad for her family. its really sad thinking about someone being murdered and being found in such a horrible state. i really want to go to the funeral. i can't even read the news reports without crying my eyes out each time.

[20 Oct 2003|03:32pm]
[ mood | confused ]

so i'm talking to joey today, and he dropped some news on me that made my jaw drop. less than a month ago, i was at the mall, and i saw a flyer for a missing girl. i'm always interested in looking at those kinds of flyers for some reason, but this day it was a little uneasy looking at the girls face. i'll admit, we weren't best friends, and after awhile we didn't really talk, just a hi every now and again. its just sad knowing you knew them and now they're gone. joey told me today that they found her body in the trunk of her car out close to his house. that's a really disturbing thought. so i took the missing girl flyer, and made this...

i know none of you really knew her, but i figured i'd post it anyway. this is the second girl to have died that was in my graduating class.

bored.. time for a survey [19 Oct 2003|01:46pm]
[ mood | tired ]

BLAHCollapse )

[19 Oct 2003|10:17am]
[ mood | irate ]

so, my first day of work went well....

except for the fact that someone stole money out of my purse! fucking bitches. then my dad tells me its MY FAULT, b/c i didn't have pockets to put my money in. i couldn't be any more pissed off right now. its sad, my mother is nice enough to give me some money so i could eat when i got off work and get some things from CVS that i've delayed myself to buying, and someone has to steal from me.

[19 Oct 2003|04:38am]
[ mood | tired ]

it took me forever to fall asleep. i definitely can't sleep well when i'm alone. ugh, my tummy hurts.

oh, and is there some freddy krueger thing going on this weekend? i turned on 2 channels and 2 different movies were on last night. wtf... the world is trying to make me never sleep... ever!

[18 Oct 2003|08:18pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

playing with marla always cheers me up. she's an eccentric guinea pig. we're [as in me, david, mom and dad] are all convinced she's mentally or physically handicapped in some way. she's still my favorite lil one. plus, she's got a bitchin black and white mohawk.

i feel nautious as hell. i refuse to ever dine on meat from my mother's restaurant ever again. i'm going out for a little bit after all. [yea, she never called] i'm pretty angry with my father.

[18 Oct 2003|04:59pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

my first night alone... : [

work tomorrow at 6am. bleh.

tonight, dinner at the dish with rachel, derrick, casie and the fam.
actually, i'm at home tonight with dad.

home early.

blah... i miss you.

OH YEA.... new texas chainsaw massacre = AMAZING. i suggest you pussies go see it!!

reminder: drink in moderation. tanking down 9 shots of jager isn't exactly a good thing....

[17 Oct 2003|01:12am]
[ mood | bi-polar ]

good news:
david is my motivation and my helper and i <3 him so much. he was sick this week and i am helping him get better. he's helping me lose weight and get motivated to work out everyday. he told me 3x this week that i'm a great girlfriend and that made me feel wonderful. i'm really happy about this. he's the best thing i've got.

bad news:
grandma has in-curable cancer. they're giving her 4-6 months to live. the kicker, she doesn't even know that she's gonna die soon. now for my grandpa. he's going into surgery next week for colon cancer. if he refuses, [like always] he will die a 'horrible' death b/c he would have poisoned himself with his own bodily fluids. my mom is a wreck and i'm not being very supportive. anytime she talks about it, i tell her to stop. honestly i can't handle listening to her talk about these horrible things happening to the ones i love. i can't handle listening to her tell me step by step what could happen when they die. it hurts too much.

good news:
rachie isn't moving to charleston yet!! <333 yay.

bad news:
i'm still effin broke!!! argh.

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